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Episode 1 - Welcome to
 Wellevate Life

Welcome to the Episode 1 of the Wellevate Life Podcast. 
Irina and Dr Nas make a dynamic duo. They are ready to engage with their guests who are all about shifting old paradigms and starting new conversations. Welcome to Wellevate Life PODCAST - Health & Wellness encyclopedia.

The first episode entails Irina & Dr Nas sharing their life journeys. Everything from how Irina ran away from home to find the meaning of life to her breast cancer and choosing complimentary medicine as her faith and treatment. She will share more in the coming episodes.
Dr Nas shares his experience about how he has almost tried all the diets under the sun, just to know what these diets have to offer in real life before suggesting anything to his patients. (Truly a practitioner that he is) He is an ardent follower of fasting and he talks about how he ventured into functional medicine even though he studied allopathic medicine. He talks in detail about the transition and what made him switch and about many more intriguing things.

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