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Prof. Dr Harald Stossier of VIVAMAYR, Our Special Guest from Episode 2 Discusses Detoxification

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

How can we strengthen our capacity of detoxification specifically to diminish the effect of pollution on our health?

Detoxification is a function which we have during our entire life and every second of our life we have the availability to eliminate different toxins. Without this we would not be possible to life a life as we are able to do, we would die very soon.

To strengthen the capacity of elimination lifestyle and eating habits are most important.

Our capacity in detoxification is also related to the daily rhythm. During the day we take the food to get the energy, during nighttime the opposite is going on in our metabolism. All metabolic bypasses try to regenerate and rejuvenate us, so that we can start the next day full of health and energy. But because of this, our eating habit should be adapted to this physiological reality. As long as we eat food, our metabolism has to work on the ingredients of the food and has no possibility to cleanse, rest and regenerate.

The simple knowledge – eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a citizen and dinner like a beggar – explains the reality very well. To eat less in the evening is most important for our health.

When we do so and eat less in the evening we allow the body to eliminate the toxins during the night, which is a normal biological function. During that period the liver is working very effectively in eliminating toxins and so it is important to strengthen that function too.

In details to strengthen the liver function we need a few specific amino acids especially reduced glutathione, which helps to eliminate perfectly. Additionally, to that we need a lot of antioxidants, which helps best, if we take a combination of them. So, a combination of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Beta Carotin, Selenium and specifically omega 3 fatty acids are recommended. To increase that micro nutrients it is helpful to have food with intensive colors, like beetroots (red), broccoli (green), carrots (orange), but because of the huge amounts we need the supplementation of antioxidants is also recommended. Important to consider is to have them always in a combination, never take only one of them.

The liver is also an organ depending on alkaline. If it becomes too acid, the detoxification will be reduced.

Therefore, it is helpful to have more alkaline food compared to acid food. So, 1 third acid food like meet, fish, chees, legumes should be combined with 2 thirds of alkaline food. These are mainly vegetables, potatoes (not french fries) and cold pressed vegetable oils. Again the eating habit is important. Nothing raw after 4 pm means not to touch any raw vegetables (salats) or fruits (juices) in the evening. Otherwise we will create a fermentation process in the intestine, which again produces more toxins and does not allow the liver to eliminate the old sluggish from the system.

We also have a lot of herbal extracts to strengthen the liver and also food with a bitter taste strengthen the liver function. As bitter tasting food rocket salad, ruccola, radicchio, chicory or artichokes are very helpful, but also a liver tea or some herbal extracts, which you can find in every single area of the world, as natural remedies are very helpful for the liver function.

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