Homeopathy and Cancer Treatments by Dr. Zubin Marolia

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

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What do you think might be a symptom of cancer? The answer to this is, when there is a lump or a mass that is growing in your body. The medical method to confirm this is a process called a biopsy. This can tell us how much the presence of that lump is malignant and by that one can define the amount of time the cancer has been in the body for.

The International Cancer Congress in Moscow in 1962 stated that the tumors mark the 3rd Stage of Cancer. This means that the threats of cancer may begin after 20-30 years of presence of the tumor. We humans have a capable immune system to keep cancer cells dormant or kill the cells.

You can understand your body fighting back when you feel inflammations around the tumor. This inflammation only increases until a point which means either the cancer cells are dying or the immune system is failing. Another way to get rid of malignant tumors is Hyperthermia. The process is about activities that induce heat in the body to counter the cancer.

According to Mr. Harvey Diamond’s book “Fit for Life”, these are the 7 stages of disease:

1. Enervation

2. Toxaemia

3. Irritation

4. Inflammation

5. Ulceration

6. Induration


The Embryonic Development or the early stage, there is a rapid multiplication of cells. To stop it right there, the structuring and organising forces of the body are responsible. They understand every organ’s functioning and the cancer’s nature of destroying them. Once these forces fail, cancer begins. The mechanism that ensures the front line defence of the body is “immunologic surveillance mechanism”

Given the current conditions of our lives, stress is an uncalled company that stays around. Such factors can be a problem for the immune system, which in turn welcome the diseases like Cancer.It is very common routine found in most of the cancer patients. An example would be a patient suffering from advanced breast cancer being molested in the breast region many years prior.


Day by Day, as the human beings evolve so does Cancer. The ever growing chemistry in organisms restricts the speed of scientific medicine to effectively cure these diseases. As for the tumor concerned with the Cancer, there are treatments like radiation and chemotherapy. Although, they don’t better the entire human body which is the most important part of the healing process.

Homeopathy focuses on the mental and other physical wellbeing in the meantime that the treatments are working on the tumor. Emotional catalysts such as stress which are like oil to the fire can be controlled and avoided with the help of homeopathy.

When looking at Cancer, one highlights the tumor and the reason for the cancer to grow so much, that they miss out on the other aspects that are equally responsible. These are the aspects one can cover holistically and homeopathic-ally :

• Low Nutrition

• Lack of Rest & Relaxation

• Breathing less than needed

• Sleep Deprivation


The renowned Mistletoe therapy is an ancient technique used in the natural medicine for treating hypertension, epilepsy, exhaustion, anxiety, arthritis, vertigo, and degenerative inflammation of the joints.

What is Washington Irving’s tradition of stealing a kiss under this intriguing plant all about?

“...the mistletoe, with its white berries,” he said, is “hung up, to the imminent peril of all the pretty housemaids.” On the occasion Christmas, the young men would kiss their ladies under the mistletoe, plucking each time a berry from the bush. When there were no berries left, the kissing was supposed to stop.

Rudolf Steiner, an anthroposophical physician, who had power to envision cure of cancer with the potential of mistletoe. He was the one to coin the use of mistletoe extracts to treat cancer in 1916. Now the Europeans include it in oncology therapies under the trade names Iscador and Helixor.

The mistletoe scientifically called ‘Viscum Album’ is a half parasitic plant that originates from the family of Loranthaceae. It grows on host trees such as oak, pine, fur, apple, elm, etc. The reason that makes it a cure is because of some characteristics that Cancer and Mistletoe share, they are as follows:

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