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Irina & Dr Nas launch Wellevate Life Podcast

Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Wellevate Life Podcast is now live on Devices near you. Where Irina & Dr Nas interview world-class experts in the health & wellness community.

Here we go......

Catch us live on the podcast, releasing on 15th April on all leading Platforms.

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About the Hosts

Irina and Dr Nas make a dynamic duo. They are ready to engage with their guests who are all about shifting old paradigms and starting new conversations. Welcome to Wellevate Life PODCAST - Health & Wellness encyclopaedia.

Irina Sharma is a Health & Wellness Cultivator. Most of Irina’s life she’s been seeking, questioning and always on a health quest . Driven to find a new humanity; a new humanity that thinks positively and has respect for each other and the planet. As a health enthusiast she works on fundamental tools that assist in the task of protecting people from threats to health, preventing disease, and striving for healthy populations. Being a daughter of a Diplomat, she got the opportunity to live in many countries allowing her to learn & understand different culture lifestyle traditions & rituals. Her family pretty much became a “Hypsy“ family – a combination of Hippy and Gypsy. With her years of knowledge on food, nutrition, complimentary medicine, sports – a wholesome integrated form of movement, she applied her knowledge and experience when diagnosed with Breast Cancer and came out a champion.

Irina is a Yoga Teacher & Trained in Food & Health. Irina, started her career as a broadcaster at the age of 19, experimented TV and further decided on being a Radio Broadcaster. She has produced and presented as a Radio Broadcaster in various countries for over 20 years. She is a national athlete, marathon runner and an acclaimed dancer. Irina's experience also includes various senior positions over a period of 20 years representing multi-nationals. She is a leading advisor for International Health and Wellness Cultivators and a former health restaurateur. She still run’s her 3 companies, just recently completed writing her first book as a co -author with her Life Partner and is also in constant search and exploration to be a voice to reason.

Balance is the key and she cannot stress enough on the importance of chewing and the benefits it has to offer for one’s health.

She practices the ‘art of nothing’ in her daily routine

Dr Nas Al-Jafari is originally from the UK where he trained as an allopathic doctor. Having moved over the UAE in 2015 and now based in Dubai, he is the Medical Director of DNA Health Clinic. Dr Nas is a proud husband and father of twins. Dr Nas’s particular focus is in modifying lifestyle factors, optimising long-term health and prevention of chronic disease. When it comes to food his philosophy is to ‘Eat intuitively and practice regular fasting’.He offers a broad scope of cutting-edge treatment strategies for both adults and children, ranging from diabetes and obesity through to autism and dementia. He says that Wellness has become far too confusing and we’re up against bad information. He believes staying ‘Well’ should be accessible to everybody. In his 17 years working as a doctor, he learnt that the use of Lifestyle Medicine as a primary therapeutic modality can optimize lifespan through the prevention, reversal and modification of chronic disease. He truly wants to help people achieve a balance between health, wealth and time.

Both Irina and Dr Nas have made a commitment to share the best health knowledge from around the globe and help Wellevate Life.

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