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What are the most important points of orientation in the nutritional supplement maze?

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

As the Episode 3 of Wellevate Life Podcast goes live with our latest guest, BIOGENA Scientist and Supplement expert Michael Wager, We will tell you some key points of the supplement world. Click to Listen Episode 3 - Conversation with Michael Wager


To buy the ‘right’ supplement often appears like a ‘mission impossible’. From a customer’s or doctors’ perspective, without deeper insights into the supplement market, the typical google search seems like an overwhelming maze of vitamins, minerals and phytochemical. But how can people ensure to choose a product with high quality and safety standards? To answer this issue, we need to look at the industry and its manufacturing processes first.

Generally speaking, most companies in the supplement market are producing capsules, powders and other delivery forms in a 24/7-manner. Those full-automatic production cycles need to function without interruptions (e.g. jamming of machines) since temporary breakdowns can result in huge monetary losses. Therefore, a wide variety of artificial additives, like anti-caking agents, are used to guarantee a trouble-free production cycle. To further increase customer compliance, options like synthetic colorants are used. However, all those substances only serve a technological background and lack the purpose to support the customers health. On the contrary, more and more studies show, that selected artificial additives are able to harm people’s health. A prominent example for a widely used colorant is titanium dioxide which not only gives capsules their beautiful white color, but also seems to be able to promote cancer as well as chronic inflammatory processes in the gut. Based on these observations, selected states (like France) already banned titanium dioxide in nutritional supplements.

To ensure the highest grade of quality as well as safety, BIOGENA is using the so-called pure substance principle: The strict avoidance of unnecessary additives such as synthetic colorants, emulsifiers, binding and separating agents, preservatives and synthetic coating agents – this is the basis for the formulations created by the BIOGENA science team. As a result, BIOGENA products are very well tolerated, even when used over a long period of time. The pure substance principle guarantees a high degree of bioavailability of the active ingredients and helps the wide variety of BIOGENA supplements to achieve proven nutritional and physiological benefits.

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