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Why Integrative Wellness is more than just a passing craze

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

Before you proceed to the article, do not forget to listen to Episode 10 of Wellevate Life Podcast featuring Parineeta Sethi

Integrated medicine looks for the root cause of an illness and not just the symptom
  • Parineeta Sethi is India’s Wellness Media Pioneer

  • Parineeta launched Wellness and Spa Magazines when the concept was at a nascent stage in India

  • In 2019 she launched her own Magazine- Global Spa ranked as the #1 wellness and spa magazine in India.

All parts of wellness had a shake up in 2020—how we work out, what we eat, the products we put on our faces, the way we rest—and the reverberations of those changes are being felt into 2021 and beyond. The innovations born of this year will usher us into the future.

Integrative Wellness is where energy, creativity, fantasy and mindfulness of living in harmony with yourself and with nature comes alive. Such places need to be at the core of sustainable wellness tourism development, integrated with the local community and bringing together the best of traditional and modern practices for sustainable health and healing.

Integrative Wellness denotes a substantial and ever growing practice and application for healing modalities which variate in multiple techniques of utilising the physical, spiritual, social, and biochemical zones of our human consciousness.

Integrative wellness is like a giant ball of all the methods of wellness combined, in a way which perfectly balances the need of an individual’s aspect to heal from. Integrative among other health related philosophies dwell on the intellect quotient which explains the healing that happens from inside ourselves in oneness with other external methods. The general intent of integrative wellness is to drive us to be accountable for our actions which directly impact our health.

In a world increasingly confronted by the emerging burden of the ailments and diseases of modern lifestyles, the practitioners of modern and traditional medicine need to heed their respective oaths of service and care towards mobilizing their science and practices to deliver the right mix of preventive and curative medicine towards restoring health and healing the body, mind and spirit.

Integrative wellness and its effects stay attached with your lifestyle forever, based on which you can then conclude or measure how healthy of a life have you been leading. It is an efficient way to set your own standards to become responsible to make the necessary changes and balances to get the result. This is what Parineeta Sethi inspires us with, when she specifies the modern ideas of wellness spas that ensure an integrative wellness message and that signifies how people can get their healing from the best resources.

The basics boundaries of your health care are things like drinking water, eating on time, getting enough sleep, keeping your mind active by trying at least one new thing every day and so on. Some Integrative wellness Global trends storming 2021 and the coming years:

  1. Self Care Its never been clearer how crucial it is to look after our own needs- emotional, mental & spiritual. This will continue for the next few years as more and more people have learned to facilitate comfort and happiness at home.

  2. TeleHealth The importance of telehealth and telemedicine cannot be understated, especially when it comes to preventive care. Ensuring that those who are at risk of developing chronic diseases such as well as those experiencing mental health issues, get the quality care they need virtually is incredibly important. The accessibility of telehealth, is a huge step forward in a field that usually moves very slowly to make such changes

  3. Sustainable and eco-friendly Lifestyle: The environment plays an important role in the maintenance of a healthy life. Preference of using sustainable and eco-friendly products can enhance the chances of your health.

  4. Exercising at home: With the Covid -19 Pandemic imposing restrictions all over the world making access to gyms and moving out difficult, A sizeable chunk of people have started exercising indoors. From Resistance band training to Yoga & Calisthenics, people have embraced this new world order and adjusted well to keep themselves fit & healthy.

  5. Biohacking: Biohacking is the new technique that is picking up pace on interested pro fitness people in the west. The biohacking is the umbrella term that comprises of many method which determine the patterns of your body to give you a step by step incremental approach to solve your own issues one by one.

  6. Holistic healing over strict diets: Rather than forcing yourself to follow a diet which doesn’t compliment the needs of your body, you can follow a balanced approach allowing yourself to relish dishes that you like and simultaneously following practices like yoga, spiritual cleansing, fasting and many such things to keep yourself fit & healthy.

  7. Gut Brain and Gut life: A troubled bowel = a troubled brain and a troubled brain might upset the bowel in the process. This internal two-way communication can be maintained by keeping the individual organs clean and safe.

  8. Flexitarian Diet: The diet which brings you from being a non-vegetarian to becoming a vegetarian and then slowly progressing on the path to becoming a Vegan. The simplicity of choosing this journey itself is liberating from the health complications.

  9. Mindful Eating: Know your food, being completely aware about what you consume and how much can be a rational way to acquiring the confidence in yourself which can boost your healthy living routine and mind.

  10. Yoga and Meditation: The most generic and highly used ways to cleanse the mind, body and soul is meditation and yoga. The beginning of the day should have these in your priorities which make sure you have a motivating and healthy day starter.

  11. Prioritising your Emotional Wellbeing: Emotional wellbeing is directed towards your delicacy of keeping good relationships with your dear ones. Taking into account every detail about your life which is directly related to your emotions which include avoiding fights, frustrating work routine and negative behaviours.

We are experiencing a massive change in wellness pattern. People are moving away from the boundaries defined by the Pharma Industries to discovering traditional or forgotten ways of taking care of their health & well-being. Do you think we missed on any new trend that you have come across? Let us know in the comments below.

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